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Posted By: Cyprian Iwuć In: Socks On: 2017-05-05 Comment: 0 Hit: 4688

Pizza Socks - the story of an inedible pizza

Not so long ago, the topic of colourful socks seemed abstract - not to mention socks with multi-coloured patterns and wholly resembling something that is not really a sock...? I can proudly say that we were able to reach this top of abstraction by creating Pizza Socks.
Posted By: Cyprian Iwuć In: Socks On: 2017-04-19 Comment: 0 Hit: 2501

Colourful socks with a suit?

The designers let their imagination run wild, and fashionable customers were quick to appreciate it. But who wears crazy, patterned, garish socks with a suit?  
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