About Us!

We are a team of young people whose creativity doesn’t let them sit at home. We’re successfully executing our never-ending ideas in real life by using our experience and sharing it with other members of our team. Together we’re trying to offer the world something brand new that will surprise, make you smile and encourage you to look for new solutions. Socks.place is the result of our hard work which we put in even the smallest detail.

Socks Freaks


Cyprian Iwuć 

Cyprian is a lover of crazy socks. This affection have started by accident. One day he had fallen in love with sushi, another time the idea of sushi socks came to his mind. Next idea such as Pizza Socks Box was the succesion of this unstoppable creativity. Cyprian is the creator of many unusual socks. He stubbornly carries out his vision and shows the world further fruits of his imagination. What type of socks will come next? We will see... but one thing is for sure. Cyprian will never create ordinary socks because he considers this element of our casual outfit as something more than just appropriate attire. He truly believes that socks can express our feelings such as sadness and joy. Once underestimated, now more valued clothing – is the thing for which Cyprian gives himself completely. And he must be doing this well since he sells his socks in more than 30 countries.


Ola Kołodziejczak

She is a student in the second year of her bachelor studies in the Warsaw School of Economics. From the very beggining, her presence at school was not enough, she was looking for something more than just study. At the Univeristy Ola got involved in a student organization. At the same time she was working in a cafe and her favourite activity was... chatting with clients. This is how Ola and Cyprian met! Excellent taste of coffee prepared by her and Ola’s positive energy at evening made them talk about cooperating together. Then, Ola joined team and helped to create socks.place. Because she loves eating, her love shared also with sushi and pizza socks created by Cyprian. Now, she can’t imagine a day without them. In her free time Ola likes to relax reading a good book (mostly fantasy), watching a movie or she sleeps dreaming about new socks! :)