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Socks to break the old-fashioned trends and hit the fashion industry!

Socks Fashion



World's famous catwalks started to appreciate the role of socks in the presented collections. Striped overknees together with long sport socks receive a huge dose of attention; not to mention the popsocks worn with stilettoes or flaps, which seem to be the new trending combo. The latter one especially was very successful in social media world denying completely the dominant theory that certain things should never be combined. (So ​​from now on, one can go ahead, take the socks out of the drawer and enjoy the fashion and comfort in their favourite sandals) ;)

Colorful socks are, in particular, very appealing in men's fashion. Today, apart from the bow-tie or tie, it is them that are the subtle element breaking the homogenous colours of a suit. The variations of designs and configurations are endless and the only limits seem to be the current trends and one's imagination. Men appreciate a lot the idea of matching the hue pocket square with socks in the same colour. Such solution helps refresh the frequently worn outfit and not let one get bored with it so easily.

Women, in turn, need no longer be afraid of bold-coloured or patterned socks and high heels. It turns out that such a styling looks really well, adding the outfit a bit of chic and elegance. However, one needs to be very careful with it. It is not so difficult to commit a fashion faux pas, since such combo needs a lot of intuition. Rihanna turned out to be a specialist in this matter. She has refreshed the outdated trend and has often been out wearing perfectly chosen socks and high heels.


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