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Funny, colourful, in patterns... socks have no limits in terms of how they look like. But are these socks for EVERYONE? Find out reading our blog about Cyprian's Grandmother!


In recent times, the approach to socks has become very dynamic. Over years, no one have paid attention to socks - plain, black or grey accessories used in our daily life, invisible and irrelevant. Fortunately, these times are gone forever. Fashion, openness zto innovation and technological progress have created an explosive mix that results in thousands of colourful socks designs available around the world.

Today socks are no longer insignificant accesories. They become fashion items - something that we can freely fit to our outfit - shoes, laces, trousers, t-shirts, and even pocket square. Thanks to this fashion socks’ producers have unlimited field of opportunity for the production of original socks. When we add to this the personality of the person who wears these socks – his or her interests, attitude toward life and  type of occasion accompanied, this give us practically unlimited space to show off. Hence, this crazy madness comes from. And this is cool. You can even add: show me your socks and I’ll tell who you are!

People are crazy about original socks. Each of us has known at least one person who wears colourful socks, regardless of occasion. Are socks enough for a decent gift? It wasn’t that long ago that socks gift could be associated with a wack idea. But few people ever wondered whether embarrassing is the idea of such a gift or maybe a gift itself? I am convinced that this latter. The custom of giving ordinary socks isn’t nothing extraordinary, because everybody can buy such socks for few dollars in the market. The issue of giving colourful and unconventional socks is different. Why? First of all, we show that it isn’t a gift bought at the last minute but carefully thought out. In fact, this gift always comes as a suprise and  brings a smile - how could we react differently to something so colourful and totally practical at the same time?

Are there any restrictions on who can give such a gift and who doesn’t? I’ll answer on my own example. Recently, I gifted my grandmother with colourful socks - not only was she very happy but also immediately started using them- good choice!! Let’s imagine eighty-year-old grandma who is walking in her apartment in salmon nigirizushi! You probably have friends who haven’t appreciated this graceful element of outfit, yet. Maybe it's time to show them that socks don’t have to be boring!? Doesn’t life itself gloomy enough to wear grey socks? Maybe I'm not objective but I think that colourful socks affect our humor positively. Especially in the morning, our colourful drawer looks more optimistic than white or black.

So which socks for gift to choose?

Socks that somehow remind you a gifted person – or are associated with something that this person likes or has. If she loves cats buy her socks in cats, if he likes sushi gifts him with sushi socks, and if for lunch they always order pizza – the choice is easy - pizza socks! Now seriously, I guarantee that socks that are in any way related to the receiver, will be warmly received by them. What to do if he or she doesn’t wear colorful socks? Then, they definitely should try! Maybe thanks to you they will change their boring habit. I believe that colourful socks are nice and practical gift (definitely HIT) for everyone as you can see even for 80-year-old grandmother.



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