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Pizza Socks - the story of an inedible pizza

Not so long ago, the topic of colourful socks seemed abstract - not to mention socks with multi-coloured patterns and wholly resembling something that is not really a sock...? I can proudly say that we were able to reach this top of abstraction by creating Pizza Socks.




As some of you probably already know, we created sushi socks much earlier (the work was started in July of 2014) and, in fact, a year and a half had passed before we proceeded to our next project - pizza socks (January of 2016). It would seem that since we had a year and a half of experiences in the sale of unique socks behind us, the creation of another way-out idea would be considerably easier - nothing more misleading. As a piece of trivia, I will add that in order to introduce sushi socks on the market we had to work for half a year, whereas in order to create pizza we had to work for almost a year... Thus, what was the difficulty with the creation of pizza?

As it usually happens - the devil is in the detail, whereas the most important part comes the quickest. We came up with the way of arranging pizza pieces right after the concept of pizza socks had been created. The greatest problem turned out to be the patterns and the technological limitations of machines. Comparing one idea to the other, pizza socks are ultra patchy and colourful, whereas sushi socks look like a staple piece when placed against the background of the former. Therefore, why did patterns and technological limitations of machines elongate the work on the socks for more than half a year? First and foremost, because our socks are sewn and not printed - that is an extremely vital difference since you can already find the so-called full print socks on which you can apply any pattern on the market - however, the issues of comfort and the breathing of skin are limited to an extreme degree. Imagine that by putting printed socks on your feet you - unfortunately - put on something artificial and the effect is obvious - your foot sweats and goes through torture. Probably, we will never opt for the production of full print socks. I personally believe that there is a lot to be done when it comes to the production technology of sewn socks.

Today's sock sewing machine looks half like a small refrigerator ?? and half like a complex machine for sewing with a round cylinder in which the sock is sewn. Unfortunately, the possibilities of such a machine are limited, for example when it comes to the number of used colours. Being aware of the technological limitations, we decided to run a casting for a graphic designer who would design our dream socks. I published offers on various websites and waited... I was literally flooded with responses. It turned out that approx. 200 graphic designers dreamt about designing our sock. The choice and selection were extremely difficult. I reached out to a dozen or so people out of whom several got down to work - as it usually happens - the best one wins. In the meantime, we went through an episode with a certain recommended graphic designer who stopped our efforts for three months - not being able to find an agreement regarding formal issues, we had to abandon the idea of cooperation. Kasia was our final choice - she was the best that could happen to us after a few months of fighting. She designed all of the pizza socks for us.

Next, the production of samples turned out to be a real challenge. When the technologist saw the graphics that we wanted to transfer onto the real sock as soon as possible - he clutched his head in disbelief. After many hours of fighting with the machines and dozens of broken needles, we were able to produce our first pizza socks - what a joy! That was probably the first time when I started to believe that we had to succeed.
New designs of pizza socks were gradually created – we started from italian pizza. I though that if we are able to pull off the irregular rocket, a small tomato, and Parma ham, patterns like pepperoni pizza or Hawaiian pizza should be a piece of cake – in fact, I was right. Starting was the most difficulty step, and we were quickly able to create new designs.

The package was also a problem to a certain extent - how to create it so that it can hold women's socks in the sizes 36-40 and men's socks in the sizes 41-46? It was also a success, and the effect blew us all away.
That is how our pizza socks appeared on the market on the 14th of December 2016. Initially, they were sold on Dawanda. Much later we launched our own shop – – its creation is a topic for a whole different story, but as you can see we were also successful in this field ??

As the originator of pizza socks, I'm surely not an objective observer, but I think that the product that we have been able to create is just wonderful! - we tackled all graphic and technological problems in order to create socks of the highest quality produced in Poland! 80% of cotton, 17% of polyamide, and 3% of elastane are an ideal combination for the socks to keep their properties of high-quality cotton and, at the same time, to be elastic enough to ideally follow the contours of our feet. We closed the whole product in a package that looks exactly like a size "S" pizza, owing to which we don't see what's inside until we open it. One of the added values is the fact that pizza socks are a ready gift which is not only funny - like most gadgets - but also it is primarily a practical gift of exemplary quality.

To finish off, the only thing that I can say is "BON APPETIT"!



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