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Colourful socks with a suit?

The designers let their imagination run wild, and fashionable customers were quick to appreciate it. But who wears crazy, patterned, garish socks with a suit?



Men's suit trends are dynamically changing. Over the last couple of years, we could observe a full revolution - we've made a transition from the loose-fitting black suits that had been dominant for decades to those more close-fitting and bold in terms of colours and forms. It can be easily observed in the James Bond film series. In the last production, he was always dressed in suits that were so close-fitting that most of his stunts surely wouldn't be possible to pull off in the real world ?? Today, we can often come across suits in more characteristic colours, e. g. sky blue, beige, or even pink. So what about accessories? After all, a suit is not only a jacket and a pair of trousers but also (and sometimes even primarily) accessories. 

When it comes to such accessories as shirts, ties, cufflinks, bow ties, shoes - the world has gone totally mad. However, I would say that the madness is all about openness to colours and patterns. We shouldn't be surprised that elegant shoes are sold in a set with red, blue, or yellow shoelaces anymore. A similar situation can be observed in case of other accessories - colourful patterned bow ties, ties, and cufflinks in all colours of the rainbow. And here we come to the crux - colourful socks.

Designers haven't let up on socks as well. Initially, it could be assumed that colourful socks were a sign of uniqueness, a strenuous attempt to stand out from the crowd. They could be seen worn by artists or creative and original people whose boldness in combining the elements of an elegant outfit exceeded the generally accepted norms. Over time, the possibility to wear colourful socks with a suit was also noticed by others - as an attempt to match the socks to other accessories, e. g. red socks to red shoelaces or sky blue socks to a sky blue pocket square. As is always the case with fashion, some trendsetters went a step further - they noticed that colourful socks give not only a possibility to match them to the rest of the outfit but also these may become a certain way of expressing oneself. We haven't got used to multi-coloured patterned suits (yet), and colourful socks presenting multifold motifs are practically available almost anywhere. Each self-respecting chain store has such socks in its offer, again small start-ups that have spotted this trend offer a variety of colourful socks (we did the same by offering, for example, pizza socks or sushi socks)

The principle question is whether it's appropriate to combine crazy colourful socks with a suit?

In my opinion, in today's world the word "appropriate" could be easily replaced with a better one - "should" - as appropriateness is a relative concept. A lot depends on our personality, our approach to fashion, and our openness to colours. The one sure thing is that colourful socks attract attention - especially when we are at a business meeting and the person sitting next to us coincidentally catches a glimpse of our socks. As long as it is a sock that is uniform colour wise and that matches the rest of our accessories, we come across as a well-groomed person who smartly chooses outfit details. However, in a situation when we opt for specific patterns (socks with any type of motif), the recipient's interpretation might be very different - someone might think "a cool guy" but another person might just as well think "he's not serious". We can't change these interpretations in any way - of course, as long as someone is assessing us only on the basis of our outfit, we can never be certain what the outcome of this assessment will be.

I personally think that we shouldn't be concerned about others' hasty judgement and freely treat socks as an element of fashion as well as a way to express oneself. There have always been and will always be haters and different opinions on every topic. One thing is certain - colour will never be boring - and you? Are you boring?



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